Earn your best return in investment with Cormode

A hotel construction project is not the time to give a new contractor an opportunity to gain valuable experience. You need to work with a design/build contractor who brings years of experience and expertise to your hotel construction project. With over 40 years in the industry, Cormode & Dickson is that builder.

Custom hotel blueprints and floor plans from top hotel architects

Cormode & Dickson employs a diverse and talented team of professionals and laborers to handle all aspects of hotel construction, whether it’s new construction or extensive upgrades to an existing facility.

Clients appreciate our partnering approach, as we work alongside your team in designing and implementing hotel blueprints and floor plans to your exact specifications.

Whatever your needs – 5 star hotels and casinos, boutique hotels, luxury resorts, motels – our design/build experts will deliver impressive results within your timeline and budget.

Hotel construction – attention to every detail – inside and out

Architectural appeal is paramount in hotel construction. Our top hotel architects will ensure that the physical appearance of your hotel is both attractive and inviting. We apply this same principle of visual appeal and functionality as we plan every detail of your hotel blueprints and floor plans.

We pride ourselves on our commitment and ability to help our clients to build their assets and get the best return for the hotel construction investment. Schedule a meeting today!