Our business is building business success

If you’re starting a car wash business and ready for the construction phase, you know what you are looking for…a design/build car wash building contractor who will get the job done to your exact specifications – on time and on budget.

The ideal car wash contractor will bring years of experience to the table, take a partnering approach to completing your project, and demonstrate a commitment to quality and schedule.

If this defines the specifications of your car wash contractor, Cormode & Dickson will meet and exceed your expectations.

To us, it’s more than a car wash building

At Cormode & Dickson, we’re in the business of building your business success. While every car wash building or commercial structure is erected with the highest quality materials and superior craftsmanship, we focus just as much time and energy in building relationships with our clients. We know that a car wash building is an investment in your future and we want to help you maximize your returns!

A car wash contractor who pays attention to details

Whether you’re adding an automatic bay to your successful self-serve enterprise or starting a car wash business, we’ll walk you through every step of car wash construction.

From initial site plans, blueprints and designs, to room finishes and equipment, to plumbing and electrical specifications, our experienced design and technical team will provide solid advice and expertise.

Our design/build services can also recommend unique features for the color, shape, height and lighting of your car wash building to ensure you make the right impression with potential customers.

From ground-breaking to grand opening, Cormode & Dickson is a car wash contractor who can get your business off to a great start. For car wash construction and service unparalleled in the industry, contact us today!